Humor and new vocabulary in Mandarin

Today in Mandarin class, students were learning some new vocabulary words by looking at various images and discussing what they see and think is happening in the series of photos. Ms. Li has words papering her walls.


Today’s list of words:IMG_4526

First: a photo of an adorable child with a mug
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.50.01 PM

Next: the child brings the mug to DaddyScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.50.11 PM

And then the daddy drinks from the mug…..Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.50.19 PM

And finally, the reveal….watching the video. Enjoy a laugh!

A world wind diary!

Friday, two of the MS French classes, got to be a small part of a beautiful experience. They received, quite unexpectedly, a traveling diary from a 4th grader from Sherbrooke, a small town in Québec, Canada. The young girl, Marie-Ève, wrote about herself in the diary and sent it to someone she knew. The magic begins to happen when this person writes a letter in it and sends it to someone he knows that lives far away. The idea is to have the journal travel the world and come back to the student by May. There are now 22 of these diaries traveling the world as every student in Marie-Ève class is part of this magical experience. So far, it has travelled from Sherbrooke to Montréal, to Iqualuit, to Paris, to New Delhi. The next destination is Phnom Pehn in Cambodia. The MS students were so excited about being part of this, they wanted to have their pictures taken with the diary so that Marie-Ève could see how cool this was for all of us.

IMG_0091 IMG_0085

World Language Goes to the Dogs!

For the first time, all Spanish, French and Mandarin foundational/intermediate language students will be reading the same story about Brandon Brown, a boy who is ready to do just about anything to have a dog!!  Sound familiar? The language teachers are hoping to create an engaging reading situation and to develop a better understanding of the target language through a humorous story many can relate to.
Keep calm and WOOF on!

World Language Week

The last week of December was World Language Week. World Language Week is a chance and opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the people from the countries where the language is spoken. It’s about taking the time to engage in detailed and in-depth study about the importance of connecting to people.

During lunch, on we had special activities that let us participate in fun activities related to the cultures of the people from the countries of the language you study.

World Language week is composed of three main pieces:

  1. An in-school research project during World Language classes;

  2. An at-home cooking experience that is used for a bake sale for charity;

  3. Fun lunchtime activities that showcase the diversity and beauty of various languages.  The following days are when the language classes will have their bake sale.

Monday – French bake sale, Karaoke Activity

Tuesday – Mandarin Bake Sale, Lion Dance Activity

Wednesday – Spanish Bake Sale, Quiz Bowl Activity

Thursday – EAL Bake Sale, Cascarones Activity

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Fun in French Class

Un beau bonjour de Paris!
The intermediate French class is learning all about food (la nourriture)!  So why not recreate a little french café with croissants et fromage et Orangina. Hum, we also had popcorn. A few table clothes, candles (of course battery operated), a little french bistro music in the background and of course a crazy Cordon bleu chef and voilà our class was transported to Paris, the city of l’amour!  The idea is yes to be able to identify foods and know how to order in a restaurant, but also, to understand the cultural importance of food and the sharing of food all over the world!  Ce fut un réel plaisir!
photo (19) photo (18)

World Language Week

We had a wonderful World Language week right before the winter break. Every day there was a bake sale – French, Spanish, Chinese and EAL students treats were served to students at lunch. There were also a variety of fun activities to celebrate the various languages. And to top it off at the end of the week the students did the annual Cascarones toss. Funds raised went to the local HOPE Foundation to support local Indian students in school. Enjoy the slideshows below.