Family Math Night!

Our incredible Math department each year hosts a Family Math Night. This year over 40 parents and their students gathered in the Hall of Peace to hear about Math Number talks and other strategies used in our Math program. Great for parents to get a glimpse of what is happening in our Math classrooms in the Middle School. Parents and students also had an opportunity to work on Math problems around the HOP, facilitated by our Middle School Math teachers. A big thanks to Mr. Fumi, Mr. Babcock, Ms. Naggea, Mr. Taub and Ms. Wood for their time effort and planning of this successful event! 

Service Learning at AES MS

We believe that service learning provides you the opportunity to:

  • Apply your skills to improve the community
  • Make real decisions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your community, and society
  • Develop as leaders who take initiative
    …in other words, make a difference in the world!

In the Middle School there are some opportunities for students to get directly involved in service learning and we are hoping to create even more opportunities. 

Reach Out: Reach Out will start 2nd quarter and most likely meet on Fridays. There will be a lunch meeting soon to discuss the club. The Reach Out club invites 20 students from the Vivekenand Camp to come to AES and work with the Reach Out club on a variety of activities, designed to improve their English and give them additional opportunities. Students in the club design and prepare the activities. Some activities include the makerspace, swimming, the climbing wall, English lessons, rangolis etc. We encourage students to join and come to our first lunch meeting to be announced soon.

Hope Club: We work with children from the Hope Foundation School which is in an impoverished neighborhood in south Delhi. We visit the school and sometimes the children take us to their homes. On Monday afternoons (M313) we prepare for Saturday morning trips to the school or to another place of interest where we meet the children. We often partner with the High School branch of HOPE CLUB. Sometimes we visit on our own. Middle school members with kids. We sometimes chat with children via skype on Monday afternoons through a high school project called “cyber service.” Conversations strengthen friendships and the children get to practice English.  On 9 September, 2017 we’ll go to Lodi Gardens. Please come if you can!!! Email Dr. Frazier for more details.

Science Corps:  This is a new project for AES students and teachers. It gained momentum during the AES March for Science and Earth Day celebration in April, 2017 and is inspired by the Peace Corps. The group hopes to help spread the joy of Science to others. The group will meet each Tuesday in Dr. Frazier’s room (M3133) from 3:45-4:45. Here are just a few of the activities that are already planned:

  • Each One Teach One has a program at a school in Malcha Marg and has asked us for an exchange on Tuesday afternoon 5 September 2017!
  • The MAD (Making a Difference) program at AES high school teaches academic English to children from the Vivikanand Camp. They want to use science activities as a way to build English skills.
  • Hope School: The director and teachers at the Hope School always ask the Hope Club to do more science with their children.
  • Even some AES elementary teachers have asked about Middle School students’ help with science activities.

Thanks to Mr. de Oliveira, our service learning coordinator, and also to the many teachers dedicated to bringing service learning opportunities to the students in the MS.




Grade 8 Apple Pies and Community Building

The grade 8 advisories gathered for an Enrichment Time after meticulously  planning and preparing in small advisory groups to bake an Apple pie. Groups were given an Apple pie recipe and they took it from there. Some groups followed the recipe exactly and other groups added special ingredients like marshmallows and chocolate. At the end, the pies were frozen for the weekend. Judges met just after the pies are baked for  judging and then the kids got a chance to sample and eat their tasty creations!!  Teams were vying for baking awards like “best crust” and “best filling” as well as aesthetic prizes “Most artistic” and funny awards like “Most resembling a train wreck” and “Most likely to be used in a pie-throwing contest”. Laughter, community building were all on the docket. A wonderful AES Middle School tradition!

Butterflies on Campus

Has anyone noticed the beautiful butterflies that are frequenting the garden outside of the Middle School Field? I probably wouldn’t have seen them myself just walking around the campus. Dr. Frazier had his camera out and was zooming in close to snap a few pictures with two of his students. This caused me to slow down and observe the garden more closely. We are very fortunate to be learning on a campus with such incredible nature. I always enjoy reading Dr. Frazier’s communications to the school community about the trees that are in bloom, or the species that co-exist with us here at AES. I’ll share his most recent blurb about the butterfly garden that was started by students.

“Toward the end of the last school year, a section of Science 7 presented a proposal to the administrative team to establish a butterfly patch on the school yard. With their own research and with some consultation from naturalists with the Conservation Education Centre / Bombay Natural History Society at Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, the choice was made to establish nectar and larval host plants near the waterfall area at Gate 2. Plantings were done in July and will continue. Yesterday on the way back from our first evacuation drill, a student who was in the class that wrote the proposal spotted a Red Pierrot <>. The amaranth flowers are said to be a favorite nectar plant for the RP and bryophyllum, which has been planted in the patch, is a host plant species for RP larvae. (Many, many thanks to the facilities team and gardening staff for enhancing the educational, environmental, and aesthetic value of our lovely campus.) If anyone is so inclined, please do note any butterfly species you see on the campus, and send pictures. It would be good to monitor the diversity.” 

Dr. Richard Frazier





Back to School Night August 17, 2017

Despite news of parking restrictions and road closures, many MS parents attended Back to School Night on Thursday.  Ms. Dunmire and Ms. Gamette opened the evening in the Hall of Peace, welcoming the parents to a glimpse of a day in the life of their child.  Parents attended all of their child’s classes to meet the teachers and hear more about each subject. Our Peer Facilitators, 7th and 8th grade students, were on hand to help any lost parent find their way to classrooms. A fun-filled evening that highlighted the wonderful things happening every day in the AES Middle School!

Welcome Back Pool Party 2017

A wonderful Middle School tradition is to end the first week of school with an all Middle School pool party.  Snacks, pizza, and ice cream as well as diving, flips, inner tubes and noodles. One of the teachers even showed the kids the art of the belly flop. It was a great way to reconnect with friends and teachers, meet new friends and celebrate the opening of the 1718 school year. A big thanks to our incredible pool staff for keeping us safe and Mr. Ahluwalia for feeding us!!

First Day of the 17/18 school year!

Our first day of Middle School was fantastic! Students were greeted by their new Principal, Ms. Dunmire and Assistant Principal, Ms. Gamette in the Hall of Peace, where they had a chance to meet all of their teachers. Students then went to grade level venues for some get to know you activities, locker assignments, snack and general school information. Students attended all 8 of their classes for a short amount of time to meet their teachers and also to meet the other students in their classes. Please see below for some of the fun of the day. It is going to be a GREAT year!



Earth Week 2017

Each year, the AES Middle School celebrates Earth Day in some manner. This year we will be hosting a March for Science on campus on Friday, April 21st. We’d love to invite you to celebrate with us!

Interested in joining us? Read on for more information.

Logo design by: Marin Hirono & Ritvik Kumar

March for Science at AES
What: March for Science
When: Friday, April 21st, 10:00-10:20 am
Where: Starting at the MS Field and ending at the Tiger Turf (see map attachment)
Why: To advocate and raise awareness about Environmental Literacy
Who: Anyone in our AES community.
What to Wear: All guests are encouraged to wear green, as we will take a photo at the Tiger Turf upon completion of the March.
Hashtags: Official March for Science — #sciencemarch and AES March for Science — #aessciencemarch
Questions? Contact Alexa Schmid at

Map of the March for Science. Start at the MS Field & End at the Tiger Turf.

Official Earth Day Theme
This year, the Earth Day Network has partnered with the March for Science (#sciencemarch)​. The theme for this year’s official event on April 22​nd​ is Environmental and Climate Literacy. At AES, that will mean building on our strong science curricular foundation, encouraging our students to think about the environmental issues that are important to them, and helping our students find a way to actively be ‘responsible, compassionate global citizens’.

More Details
Next week, students will be working across disciplines and in advisory classes – choosing an environmental topic that’s important to them and creating art, poetry, video etc. to share their enthusiasm with others.

Please enjoy this short video that our student Green Team created.


Nobel Laureate: Kailash Satyarthi

Let us unite the world through the compassion for our children.
-Kailash Satyarthi


On Friday April 7th, we were fortunate to welcome Nobel Peace Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi to AES. Kailash Ji is working to end child labor in India and around the world, and has already saved 84,000 children from bonded labor. He has started a campaign called 100 million for 100 million – to help end child labor and provide an opportunity for all children to have a quality education.

Kailash Ji enters the gym and greets children.

Kailash Ji embraces Aarav, a student whose family is close with his own, volunteering at the ashram and working together on the same mission.

Introducing Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi.

He spoke for 45 minutes directly to our students. He talked about their bright faces, their energy, their joy, their dreams….he called them the true heroes and heroines of this world who are full of light. He asked our students if they dream. Do you dream in the night? Do you dream in the day? Do you dream of your future? Do you dream of the future of others? He explained to our students that they are fortunate- they have the opportunity to dream, they have the opportunity to go to a phenomenal school…and there are millions of children who are as fortunate as they are. And there are also millions of children who are not as fortunate as they are.

Kailash Satyarthi speaking to the children of AES.

You could see the love that Kailash Ji has for children.

So inspiring to hear Kailash Satyarthi speak to the students at AES.

Kailash spoke about the fact that there is one earth, and we all walk on the same earth. We are all connected, and it is not okay for there to be 170 million children in the world who are not in school, and instead engaged in child labor. Especially when there are 210 million adults without jobs. Satyarthi stated that it is these children who are not in school who are most vulnerable and the most likely to be radicalized. It is our job to protect our children, as all children must be protected from all dangers.

Satyarthi then told our students about his 100 million for 100 million campaign. He said that he is looking for 100 million children to be the spokesperson, the change-makers, the champions for the 100 million children who are left out.

Students inspired and pledging to help.

Ellen Stern presents Kailash Satyarthi with gifts and gratitude.

Kailash’s final message to us was powerful, the Three Ds:

  • Dream big – not just for yourself, but dream big for all of humanity.
  • Discover the power inside of you, and the possibilities and opportunities outside of you.
  • Do something – act now.

After school, Kailash met with a small working group of students. There were questions and answers for about 20 minutes before Mr. Satyarthi had to leave AES. And then our students engaged in a letter writing exercise and researching addresses of Heads of State for letters that Kailash will be sending out in a week or two.

Small working group engaging in letter writing and researching addresses of Heads of State for Kailash Satyarthi.


The following video gives an up close account of the kind of work that Satyarthi has spearheaded in India since the 1980s. There is video footage of child labor raids/rescues, which shows how dangerous, heroic and influential his work has been to so many children.

TED Talk: How to make peace? Get angry.